Road debris: More dangerous than you know

Drivers in Arizona need the facts about road debris. This kind of litter has been injuring Americans all over the recent years. It’s a growing problem that hasn’t received much publicity until now. But two horrific cases attracted the attention of CNN in late 2016 as new
statistics revealed just how dangerous it can be. In 2004, in Washington State, a piece of particle board broke loose from a load in the back of a rented trailer and nearly decapitated a 24-year old woman after it smashed through her windshield. The impact broke nearly every bone in her face. She underwent years of therapy relearning how to walk, talk and swallow. But the accident left her blind. In 2006, in Phoenix, Arizona, “a small piece of scrap metal flew off a truck” just in front of a 29- year old man, smashed into his windshield and pierced his heart, killing him instantly. Both these horrific accidents were preventable. Two “unsecured loads” – one in the trailer in front of the 24-year old woman and the other in a truck in front of the 29-year old man – were responsible.

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