Beware: Drivers of used cars in danger

If you bought a used car recently or you had one for awhile, or you know someone with one, this Wayne Wright alert is for you.  Record numbers of recalled cars are rolling down American roads with potentially serious defects.  The Congressional Research Service found it is “rare” for all owners of recalled cars to get them repaired, especially in big recalls.

As the CRS reports, of the “more than 120 million cars that were recalled between 2013 and 2015, 45 million had not been repaired as of mid-2016.” NBC News reported in June 2016 that as many as “one in five vehicles on U.S. roads” has at least one unrepaired defect under recall.

Consumer Affairs has 88 pages of recalls between 2017 and 1999.  There were nearly 100 recalls by mid-2017. They include models from 4 major automakers with serious problems – cars that don’t stay in park; doors that unlatch in collisions and airbags that may not deploy in an accident. In 2015, USA Today reported there were 44 million cars on U.S. roads that were 25 years old and 44 million that were 16 to 24 years old.

Clearly the danger posed by older, unrepaired cars is growing. GM has admitted to at least 22 accidents and 6 deaths caused by the ignition switch defect in its Cobalt and G5.  USA Today reported the cars were discontinued years ago but low budget shoppers can still buy used models.

How much danger are you facing?

Wayne Wright knows you are far more likely to be hit by a drunk or drugged driver, a speeder, red light runner or a distracted driver. He’s been successfully representing their victims for more than 40 years.  But the growing number of “unfixed” recalled cars is a concern.  Wayne Wright “knows” the ropes.  His success has been extensively documented by his national legal awards.

He’s a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  Only lawyers who win top dollar cases for clients can join. His 2014 Litigator Award  – based entirely on top awards for clients – was featured on CNN. His legal awards prove he gets justice for clients. You will only pay fees, agreed upon in advance, when Wayne Wright wins your case.  Calls and evaluations are free.

What caused the crisis in recalls?

It’s corporate greed bolstered by a lack of government power to regulate the auto industry. In the auto industry, it is common to use one part across several product lines because it’s cheaper.  If it fails, thousands of cars can be affected.  The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has no power to order them off the road.  In March 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decided to let General Motors and two auto dealers sell “used cars that were recalled and never repaired,” labeling them “safe” or “certified,” although they must tell buyers they haven’t been fixed.  Safety experts say that puts “death traps” on the road since car dealers are now legally selling used cars with potentially serious defects they can call “safe.”

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